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Disclaimer: I understand that this is a preliminary online screening only for vein disease and does not constitute a complete or definitive diagnosis and does not include an in-office consultation. Information gathered in this screening is strictly confidential and is being collected for review and preliminary determination of the likelihood of vein disease existing in the said participant. I hereby release the screening doctor and all other health care providers from all responsibility in connection with this virtual vein screening process. This tool is not a consultation, and should not be confused with an office visit/consultation. This tool is used to determine if you are a good candidate for a consultation or treatment. The tool is a self-assessment questionnaire and is not a substitute for the diagnosis/treatment of any health/physical condition, or as a substitute for a doctor-patient relationship which may only be established by coming to our office for a face-to-face consultation with a doctor. Each patient's treatment and/or results may vary based upon the circumstances, the patients' specific situation, as well as the health care provider's medical judgment and only after further discussion of the patient's specific situation, goals, risks and benefits and other relevant medical discussions. Use of this tool constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of these limitations and disclaimers.